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Why We No Longer Service Regional Beach Accesses

What are regional beach accesses and does Excel Beach Service provide chair rentals at them?

Beach Bonfires Are Back*

In the Walton County Board of County Commissioner’s meeting, held yesterday in Defuniak, the commissioners decided to reinstate beach bonfires in Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach and the rest of South Walton. Effective immediately, all reputable vendors are allowed to provide the service provided they attain the proper permits. In short, beach bonfires are [...]

Beach Safety: Flag System

Beach Safety: Flag System Destin and the Beaches of South Walton are generally known for calm clear waters rolling gently onto sand that is white as sugar. The calm and quiet surf lulls beachgoers and makes for the most picturesque portrait backdrop. Countless beach selfies cover the pages of social media outlets and phone [...]

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Turtle Nesting Season

Destin and the Beaches of South Walton are home to a countless number of marine species. It is not uncommon to see bottlenose dolphins playing casually along the coast, or blue heron tiptoeing gracefully in the surf in search of food. These native species are indicative of the innate luxury and good fortune of [...]

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How Do I Rent Beach Chairs in Destin, Florida?

If you've ever visited the beaches in Destin, Florida before, I don't have to tell you how incredible they are. I also don't have to tell you how important it is to secure your spot early! Our beaches are gorgeous but they aren't gigantic and they are getting  more popular each year. As more people come [...]

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What is Beach Service?

Perhaps, this should have been the first blog attributed to this page about beach service. But! a wise adage has always asserted that, "it is better late than never." What Is Beach Service? When you peruse the inventory of local vacation rental companies, or leaf through the literature provided by beachside HOA's to their members you [...]

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Affordable Beach Chairs in Destin

Beach Chairs in Destin are Affordable and Convenient For less than the cost of a nice dinner you can rent two beach chairs and an umbrella for a week! This makes it more simple than ever to spend more time relaxing and less time getting there. Don't make several trips to the condo, house, or automobile any [...]

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