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The Best Places to Watch the Sunset on 30-A

It is now the end of September. Football season is back. The humidity is dropping to nearly 50% and the outdoor temps become a little cooler. Plus, the sun begins to set over the beach. During much of the year, the sun rises and sets north of 30-A and Miramar Beach. But, during the [...]

New Beach Access by Stinky’s Fish Camp

With the warm weather close at hand, we are all eagerly awaiting beach season. Travelers from all over the globe will be flocking to South Walton and 30-A to enjoy time on our pristine beaches. With more and more people coming each year, public beach accesses are a must. Public beach accesses provide necessary space [...]

Why Has it Been So Foggy?

This winter has been excessively warm, but also very foggy. As I work on the beach or run into folks visiting the area they have all been asking, “Why has it been so foggy?”

Which Beach is Best for Me?

It's tax season again! Which means that it's time to start looking for your beach vacation spot. A common question that I get asked is, "Which beach is best for me?" The answer is always the same - another question. What do you like to do? South Walton is packed with tons of great stuff [...]

Best Valentines Day Present

Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas, and Valentines Day. These are the four major dates that couples don't want their partner to screw up (forget about). Also, fudging these special days can land you in a world of resentment and possibly on the couch. So, guys, what did you get your partner? If you're "still looking for the [...]

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Why are Winter Sunsets So Awesome?

It’s nothing new to be impressed by the natural beauty of the Destin and South Walton area. On warm, sunny, summer days the clear water and white quartz sandy beaches are the perfect backdrop for social media posts, inspirational quotes, and countless family photos. Our beaches are stunning! Even during the winter time, our area [...]

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A Unique Experience: Beach Bonfires

Whether you’re an adult or a kid, we all enjoy circling around a crackling fire, chowing down on some sticky marshmallows, and sharing stories. The fire not only warms you from the crispy cool air, but also warms your heart. There’s always been something delightful about sitting around a blazing flame. The fire wrapping you [...]

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Can I Take My Dog to The Beach on 30-A?

I often get asked, "Can I take my dog to the beach on 30-A?" The sandy white beaches and crystal-clear water has always been the main treasure of South Walton. In fact, these paradise beaches are what brought over 3.5 million people in 2016. Typically, we experience these enjoyable vacations with our family or friends, [...]

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What To Do In Case of A Hurricane

What To Do In Case of Hurricane Having lived along Miramar Beach and 30-A coastline for so long, I've seen a number of changes take place. But, one thing that does not change - the threat of hurricanes and the uncertainty and confusion that can accompany any mentionable storm along the coastline. Below [...]

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